It is not surprising, to many of our readers, that LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft on 13 June 2016 for $26.2 billion dollars.  LinkedIn is the preeminent business network and has realized tremendous growth and acceptance over the last decade.  LinkedIn is a very powerful resource and has greatly benefitted its users and the business community as a whole, since its inception.

What might be surprising to some readers, is that there have already been some significant changes made to the LinkedIn platform.  One such change, which captured my immediate attention, is the removal of the social networking buttons which allow you to share your LinkedIn posts on Facebook and Twitter. What does this tell us?  It could just be a result of platform changes and might just be a temporary omission until things are sorted out.  But it could have a deeper meaning…

In researching this further, it came to my attention that Microsoft has a social networking platform named which was launched in 2012.  I’ve been deeply intrenched in the online space for over twenty years and I try very hard to keep up with all the changes, but I didn’t even know about until today!  In all fairness, I am a Mac user, but I’m still surprised I hadn’t heard of it.  I’m curious if you were already aware of  Please use the comment box to let us know 🙂

So, in light of the removal of the FaceBook and Twitter share buttons and in consideration of Microsoft’s fledgling social network, is it unreasonable to wonder if Microsoft has plans to give Facebook and Twitter a run for the money?

LinkedIn would be an exceptional platform to increase the awareness of, and to drive users to, Microsoft’s network.

It is my opinion that social networks are subject to the Mom’s and Dad’s social network stigma among younger users.  As popular as Facebook is, they is not immune.  Business networks are less affected by this stigma… In my opinion  they might even get better with age.

Kudos to team Microsoft for making what I see as an exceptional strategic acquisition!  Although you may not have heard of until now, I suspect you will be hearing quite a bit more soon.

I would greatly value your thoughts, opinions, likes and shares!

Claude Dauman