Daily Sales Recap 9-1-14 Enpareja.com sells for $5,000 on Sedo

Daily Sales Recap 9-1-14 Sedo was open for business and enpareja.com was the top sale at $5,000. Creditor.info sold for $1,315 and casino.org.mx fetched the same. A few more LL.co.uk on NameJet today that did not meet reserve and the bids today of the one's I was watching were lower than yesterday. NC.co.uk was the highest at $1,650. I thought there were some good buys on Go Daddy … [Read more...]

9th Annual DNForum.com NFL Football Pool

It is Labor Day and that means we are getting close to the start of another season in the NFL. It is also time for the 9th annual DNForum.com NFL Football Pool! Adam Dicker puts this on each year and gives you a chance to win money each week for free. Weekly Prizes Place    Prize 1    $50 2    $40 3    $30 4    $20 Overall Prizes Place    Prize 1    $1000 2    $500 3    $250 4   … [Read more...]

Daily Domain Picks 9-1-14

Now that summer is over we will get back in the groove here with some daily picks. In addition to NameJet and Go Daddy, I will also include Flippa auctions if something is attractive. Go Daddy Auctions ElegantCars.com - 12 year old domain - 110 exact searches (GAKP) CougarTennis.com - 6 year old domain - .Org is developed, a lot of teams and schools have a cougar for a mascot. You may … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 8-31-14 Udoo.com sells for $1,726 on NameJet

Daily Sales Recap 8-31-14There were a few LL.co.uk domains that were closing today on NameJet, the three I was following did not meet reserves. NF.co.uk had a high bid of $3,000, that was followed by NG.co.uk at $2,001 and LJ.co.uk only got bid up to $700. I can see someone wanting more and $5,000 min seems about right, especially if the .uk rights included. Udoo.com sold for $1,726, fans of the … [Read more...]

Claude Dauman Joins The Writing Staff

I am pleased to announce that Claude Dauman from Domains 90210 will be joining TLD Investors as a writer. Claude Dauman has been an active member of the online community for almost 20 years, having launched his first online businesses in 1996. One of those businesses, an online apparel retailer, grew to become a leader in it’s field.  Claude sold the apparel business in 2010. Claude also spent … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 8-30-14 HuaKong.com sells for $6,005

Daily Sales Recap 8-30-14 It was a big week for 4.cn as their highest auction sale ever closed at 995,889 RMB or $164,633 for the domain 357.com, 103.com sold for 802,000 RMB $130,164. There were some big non numerical sales also as Boshi.com sold for 310,000 RMB or $50,313. There were some nice .net and .cc sales as well. Crowdforce.com closed at $1,570 on Go Daddy Auctions, a few ways I … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 8-29-14 Kappak.com sells for $4,000 on Sedo

Daily Sales Recap 8-29-14 N-M.com sold on NameJet at $3,000 which seems to be in line where the other previously reported L-L.com have sold this year. i-q.com at $2,400, L-A.com $5,050, e-d.com $2,402 and h-q.com at $3,336. TheServer.com went for $2,188, servers are a high paying keyword and I liked the name, some recent "The" related expired auctions on Go Daddy included thebanana.com … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 8-28-14 77v.com sells for $4,300 on NameJet

Daily Sales Recap 8-28-14 LightingDirect.co.uk sold for 7500 GBP on Sedo, ($12,437) and aya.com.br sold for $5,000. Medicine.in got in on the cctld sales train today and sold for $4,900. 77v.com sold for $4,300 on NameJet, earlier today I put out a post of the 51 3Character.com sales reported to DN Journal for 2014. Hard-Drive.com sold for $1,101 on Flippa. Sedo Sales spamdrain.com … [Read more...]

Every 3Character.com Reported in 2014

After doing the 3letter.com sales thread, a few people in the comments and through emails asked if I would do a 3 character post. So I have compiled all the reported sales to DN Journal in 2014 up til August 24,2014. There are a lot of 3 Character.com sales that take place on 4.cn which are not reported to DN Journal.There were 51 sales with HC2.com being the highest at $20,000. I also broke it … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 8-27-14 Dolphin.org sells for $45,000 on Sedo

Daily Sales Recap 8-27-14 Pretty active day all around, there were some nice sales on Flippa, Sedo and Go Daddy Auctions. Dolphin.org sold for $45,000 which makes it the highest .org sale so far this year. The domain was registered since 1994, whois is Sedo transfer currently. Carol.com closed at $20,750 on Go Daddy Auctions. Salad.info sold for $1,550 on Flippa, congrats to Josh … [Read more...]