Daily Sales Recap 10-30-14 RealityShow.com sells for $9,298 on NameJet

Daily Sales Recap 10-30-14 Federer auctioned off Siamese.com on Flippa and it closed at $5,010. There were 57 bids for the 10 year old domain. RealityShow .com sold for $9,298 on NameJet. The 3 character domain name HA2 .com sold for $1,040. Sedo Sales finreach.com 3,000 USD scrabblesolver.com 1,165 USD kfz-autoversicherung.de 1,950 EUR NameJet Kadg.com $1,312 ha2.com … [Read more...]

One Realtor Explains Why They Are Not Interested in Dot Realtor and Will Stick With Dot Com

Teresa Boardman wrote a piece on Inman.com where she expressed her desire to control her own destiny, not stand with the pack, and stick with .com over the new .realtor extension. I tend to agree with Teresa that the domain names should be more about the real estate she is showcasing and not about her. In the article Teresa wrote: I tried to buy com.realtor, but of course that’s not allowed. … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 10-29-14 gartenmöbel.com sells for 20,000 Euros on Sedo

Daily Sales Recap 10-29-14 Garden furniture in German (gartenmöbel) sold for 20,000 Euros on Sedo, the .org sold for $5,748 back in 2011. MrRent.com sold for $4,200 the name was regged in 2005. Flippa saw FreeCloudStorage.com close at $2,500 there was just one bid for the domain. Sedo Sales mrrent .com 4,200 USD relatify .com 2,000 USD passus .com 2,000 USD hille .org 1,000 … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 10-28-14 6.Biz sells for $12,637 on Sedo

Daily Sales Recap 10-28-14 6.biz sold for $12,637 on Sedo, domain currently does not resolve. Cruzo.com sold for $5,000 on Sedo nice pronounceable 5L.com. Visors.com did not sell at NameJet but did have a high bid of $14,999.  Adee.com did sell for $1,550. Sedo Sales boot.club 3,750 USD cruzo.com 5,000 USD intropia.com 7,500 USD schengen-visa.net 750 GBP ust.de 1,500 … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 10-27-14 Michael Berkens Sells RookiePoker.com for $20,000 on Sedo

Daily Sales Recap 10-27-14 Congrats to Mike Berkens on the sale of RookiePoker.com at $20,000. Forget metrics, no one searches for the term according to Google Planner. Not a lot of people even use the term in their URL when you check for the keyword combo all in url. It all comes down to someone wanting your name and having great negotiation skills. Flippa had a good day with … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 10-26-14 InfoPro.com sells for $3,100 on NameJet

Daily Sales Recap 10-26-14 Infopro.com sold for $3,100 on NameJet, the name has been registered since 1998. Looking at screenshots it looks to have been a Chinese website, The Infopro Group and had something to do with Cpro.TW. There were a few .co names that closed over $500 on Go Daddy Auctions, Wisdom.co closed at $1,525, nice one word name will be interested to see who the buyer is at … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 10-25-14 GotMoney.com closes at $3,005 on Go Daddy Auctions

Daily Sales Recap 10-25-14 eFuels.com sold for $1,100 on NameJet, ChileanWine.com did not meet reserve with the high bid reaching $2,700. GotMoney.com closed at $3,005 on Go Daddy Auctions, the name was registered in 1997. NameJet efuels.com $1,110 coffeemerchant.com Reserve Not Met, High Bid $351 chileanwine.com Reserve Not Met, High Bid $2,700 Flippa Domain … [Read more...]

You Don’t Mess With The Namepros Nancies

"I didn't expect anything less from the Nancy's at NamePros." With those words it  was on. What started out as a questionable way to handle a disagreement with a customer, turned into an absolute pr nightmare. The other day I wrote a post on how we had not had a popcorn thread like the one I referenced, in quite awhile. That was the tip of the iceberg, there were maybe 30 posts at the time I … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 10-24-14 BigHomes.com sells for $3,300 on NameJet

Daily Sales Recap 10-24-14 CTgroup.com sold for $3,600 on NameJet and BigHomes.com sold for $3,300. Flippa saw OnlineParaglegal.com close at $2,601 with 122 bids. Bl2.com closed at $2,750 on Go Daddy Auctions. Sedo Sales manterest.com (1,600 USD) breakingband.com (2,000 USD) medialibrary.com (1,002 GBP) onlinestore.info (1,200 USD) shouts.de (1,190 … [Read more...]

The Media Outrage over Ebola.com Sparks an almost 10 fold increase in Ebola related registrations

Back on October 9, 2014 CNBC was the first media outlet that covered the Ebola.com domain being for sale. On October 14, the media frenzy started and their were posts all over the mainstream media, from The Daily Mail to The Washington Post. Yesterday Elliot Silver posted about the sale of Ebola.com to Cannabis Sativa, Inc. for $50,000 and restricted shares in the thinly traded public … [Read more...]