Daily Sales Recap 12-20-14 SkyRiver.com sells for $3,602 on NameJet

Daily Sales Recap 12-20-14 SkyRiver.com sold for $3,602 on NameJet. There are five registered trademarks on the name, the .net owner has one of them and provides business broadband. There is also a SkyRiverRV.com. PrintandPlay.com was a nice buy imo at $780. As more things are created with 3D printers this is a nice brand name. Print it and then play with it. ThisYear.com closed at $3,100 … [Read more...]

Available Domains 12-20-14 – Deleted Today – Drop-Cloth.com 2900 Searches

Available Domains 12-20-14 These domains were deleted today, these are all domains that were previously regged for at least 3000 days usedcanoe.com 320 searches 5194 days regged atvclothing.com 170 searches 5194 days regged atvapparel.com 170 searches 5194 days regged jamaicabooks.com 30 searches 5194 days regged cuteblackbooty.com 70 searches 4827 days regged bulbsupplies.com 10 … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 12-19-14 Rah.com sells for $20,790 on Sedo – iYX.com sells for $23,103 on NameJet

Daily Sales Recap 12-19-14 A lot of three letter.com action today as Rah.com sold for 17,000 Euros on Sedo. NameJet had a host three letter .com auctions close. Iyx.com sold for $23,103 Sedo Sales rah.com 17,000 EUR putsa.eu 1,500 EUR NameJet iyx.com $23,103 zuv.com $9,501 eij.com $8,679 uxy.com $8,991 xoq.com $6,947 photographs.net $3,400 Flippa Domain … [Read more...]

Market Recap 12-19-14 Marchex up close to 7% on the day – Stock up close to 24% over the last month

Market Recap 12-19-14 Marchex (MCHX) was up another 6.76% on the day and traded as high as $4.74 before closing at $4.58. Over the last month the stock is up 23.78%. Rightside (NAME) was up 3.86 % on the day and traded as high as $8.13 before closing at $7.81, up .29 on the trading day. Minds + Machines  up 5% MMX London  Close 8.02p Marchex  up 6.76% MCHX Nasdaq  Close … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 12-18-14 Wohnung.de sells for $90,886 on Sedo to lead a busy day

Daily Sales Recap 12-18-14 Big day with big sales all around, Wohnung.de sold for 74,000 Euros or $90,886, the German word can mean flat / apartment, accommodation or home. NameJet had a slew of 3L.com domain sales and Flippa saw RealEstateForeclosures.com close at $7,500. Sedo Sales nobread.com 2,000 USD cnll.com 1,300 USD eatz.com 15,000 USD redf.in 1,000 USD partsun.com 4,999 … [Read more...]

Market Recap 12-18-14 Sedo Parent Hits New 52 Week High – Web.com up close to 7%

Market Recap 12-18-14 Big day for Web.com as the stock was up close to 7%, the stock closed over $19 for the first time since November 5. The stock traded as high as $19.96 before closing at $19.64. Rightside (NAME) did not participate in the broad rally today, it was basically unchanged down .02 at $7.52. The stock trade as high as $7.99. United Internet (UTDI, Xetra) The parent company … [Read more...]

How Important Are Monthly Searches ?

How Important Are Monthly Searches ? I was playing chess with my good friends Michael Castello and Toronto Domainer the other night, at a smokey cigar club in Ventura County. Michael is the most astute chess player I have ever met. Somehow, it seems that he is able to see five moves ahead. Michael clearly has the same keen ability away from the chess board.  He was registering category killer … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 12-17-14 HelloSocial.com sells for $25,000 on Sedo

Daily Sales Recap 12-17-14 HelloSocial.com sold for $25,000 on Sedo and Pkw.net sold for 15,000 Euros, the .net buyer looks to be PKW.de a German website dealing in automobiles. Notebooks.org sold for $2,200 on NameJet. Sedo Sales hellosocial.com 25,000 USD 2hh.com 1,350 USD changemoney.org 1,500 USD mobileinsurance.com 5,700 GBP pkw.net 15,000 EUR kayak.eu 10,000 … [Read more...]

Market Recap 12-17-14 Web.com and Rightside both up over 4 %

Market Recap 12-17-14 The overall market bounced back on Wednesday and the domain related stocks followed suit. Web.com (WWWW) was up 4.49% on the day and hit a high on the day of $18.50. Rightside (NAME) which was down 8.85% down yesterday, got half of that loss back today and closed at $7.54. Minds + Machines  up 2% MMX London  Close 7.39p Marchex  up … [Read more...]

Available Domains 12-17-14 Bannen’s new list including DiningAbroad.com

Available Domains 12-17-14 Bannen who has come back from retirement on Namepros out with a new available domains list SlimFilter/s.com MobileDentalCenter.com - .net taken. This is a pretty good name. Arejian.com - personal name. AmDriven.com - car blog. SmileAdventures.com - sing taken. Dentist? BigSmileAdventures taken and developed... dunno about … [Read more...]