There are a great many people who believe that all of the great domain names are taken and that their owners won’t part with them for less than a small fortune. They are correct, but not entirely so.

Category defining, one word dot-coms do have great intrinsic value…. as do two and three-letter acronym dot-coms. There are a number of auction platforms including; GoDaddy Auctions, NameJet, Sedo and Heritage Auctions, where these brands are often sold in the five, six and even seven-figure USD range. Often the buyers are investors, from abroad, who see these rare properties as attractive investments.

There are occasions where the owner of a very special domain name might be seeking a very fast sale for a number of reasons; new career, collage tuition, travel, new home, etc. Usually a good domain name broker can help you to capitalize on these special opportunities.

Then there are your low-cost providers. Businesses or individual investors who move a lot of domain names at a low mark-up. This takes a lot of skill, knowledge and understanding of online marketing, as it pertains to domain names.

I purchased my first domain name twenty years ago. Over the last twenty years, I’ve purchased and sold a great many domain names.  I’ve brokered a good number of names as well. I have found, over time, that utilizing a low mark-up pricing model, on my company’s domain names, suits me best. I enjoy finding new homes for our domain names and seeing them grow into successful businesses.  I also enjoy finding great deals and passing the savings on to our customers.

Last month, I became involved with an exciting new start-up. I wanted to clear my desk so that I could focus on this new project. I reduced the pricing, on all of the brands in our portfolio, utilizing the lowest mark-up I have used to date. I sold a very large number of domains, in a very short time, at these low discount prices.

I decided to take this a step further. I decided to reprice over 150 domain names at $99 or less each.  I just launched our $99 or less section on  We have some really great brands priced well below what you would imagine…. Who says you have to pay a fortune for a really nice brand?