Daily Sales Recap 7-16-14 Logics.com sells for $50,000 on Sedo and Oar.com sells for $28,500 on Flippa

Daily Sales Recap 7-16-14

Strong day all around with Logics.com selling for $50,000 on Sedo, LoveYourWork.com sold by Mike Berkens of Most Wanted Domains for $18,739, and Oar.com selling for $28,500 on Flippa.

Sedo Sales

logics.com (50,000 USD)
livering.com (1,050 EUR)
aistone.com (4,000 USD)
playadenbossa.com (2,000 USD)
klara.com (6,000 EUR)

Flippa Domain Auctions

shares.info $6,350
bonuses.us $105
a.domains $575
Oar.com $28,500

Most Wanted Domains

MakeItYourOwn.com $10,000
LoveYourWork.com $18,739

Go Daddy Auctions

worldexchange.com    $4,494
retop-led.com    $1,409
shootit.com    $1,259
brainmap.com    $1,075
eyeforbeauty.com    $1,025
yeppme.com    $898
diiiaccount.com    $860
amvideodesign.com    $810
fyrewurks.com    $660
mdta.com    $515
debited.com    $501
rescue911.com    $455
safedownload.com    $420
breast-implant-costs.com    $405
hostedserver.com    $401
shcasino.com    $350
matygo.com    $327
hopeforhomeownersprogram.org    $280
circlessouthtampa.com    $280
79907.com    $270
robinsonrealestate.net    $267
jorgelujan.com    $264
oxygen-productions.com    $261
floopo.com    $256
nahit.org    $216
newamsterdam412.com    $206
unregularradio.com    $196
75023.com    $185
betterforbabies.com    $180
bvrlegal.com    $167
zaika-restaurant.com    $161
windowsfs.com    $151
newportirishheritagefest.com    $151
willorp.com    $145
beyondnews.com    $130
spiralwebconsulting.com    $130
phantatomix.com    $110
tnpsc.net    $92
cooldate.com    $90
revuetreize.org    $86
best-plasticsurgeons.com $86
mybirthteam.com    $84
swindleeeee.com    $82
pdctoday.com    $80
rachaelscdoris.com $80
livekamerat.com    $80
tgrq.com    $75
mak-torun.com    $73
tmgu.com    $66

You Have To Honor Your Buys and Sells

The business of buying and selling domain names is really like no other, it sometimes makes a game of three card monty seem legit. So today there is a post on Namepros where someone sold a domain name on Go Daddy, they set up the auction, they sold it. Auction closes at low $xxx. Now the seller has received an offer for $5,000 and wants advice on how they can basically not honor the sale. They did point out that the auction was mistakenly created as no reserve.

So now the majority of members posting have pointed out that they believe the seller needs to honor their agreement. Some also come up with the possibility of a digital version of the old fiddle scam.

The Old Fiddle

Prize Dog, The Lost Ring


Small business owners

The Scam
The first con artist , a poor looking man, goes into a cafe with a violin under his arm. He buys a coffee which he can not afford to pay for. He leaves the violin as security whilst he gets the money. In the mean time, the second con artist, a rich looking collector, enters the same cafe, sees the violin and offers the cafe owner $5000 for it. The cafe owner admits he does not own and so the rich looking collector leaves his business card.

When the first con artist returns to pay for his coffee, the cafe owner buys the violin from him. The con artist will haggle and the price goes up to $1000. Of course, the violin is worthless and neither con artist is seen again.

Perhaps the buyer sent the email, in the hopes of playing off the greed of the seller and offered $5,000, assuming that the seller will come back to him under his other alias, and try to buy back the name for say $500 to $1,000 because there is $5,000 waiting.

The seller has put that notion to rest as he did not want to tell people originally that the offer came from someone he contacted before starting the auction. He seems flabbergasted that people are focusing on morality and the right thing, when all he wanted was advice on how to get out of completing this auction.

Here was the initial post:

I just recently sold a domain at GoDaddy auctions for low $xxx. It was accidentally listed with no reserve.

Then today I just received an offer from someone for $5,000. I did a reverse whois on the email and their portfolio is worth well over $200k. Many NNN.com’s and NNNN.com’s.

So of course I’m going to try to cancel this transaction at all cost, but how do I do this? GoDaddy is not just going to let me do it.

The transaction is not entirely completed yet, the domain has been removed from my account, but I have not received the funds yet.

Please give me your thoughts on how I should handle this situation…

Look at the end of the day if you sell enough domain names you are going to sell one that gets a better offer after the fact. If one is going to do outbound marketing it makes sense to wait a period of time longer than a month before auctioning that name. A prospect may have been traveling or busy. You need to make up your mind how you are going to market and sell and give yourself time.

I one time sold a name for $75 on a forum, I had not pushed it yet but the buyer said sold, I got an email that night from someone offering $500, and asking what my best price was ? I pushed the domain and let the buyer know of a prospective buyer. They were very appreciative of the fact I did not make some excuse and take the $500 or negotiate higher, they wanted the name for a project and did not want to sell the domain.

At the end of the day if you plan on being in this business you have to honor your buys and sells. If you are not going to do that, at the very least don’t come onto a forum and ask how you can back out of a deal. The domain may very well have been purchased by a member on the forum.

“If they are going to give me a free look then I am going to take it”

I had a Go Daddy Auction win get renewed over the weekend, I was reading the email and got a call from a friend in the business. I mentioned that the name just got renewed and that I have had good luck with auction wins, but lately the last three got renewed. He told me he does it all the time now, let’s his names run through the whole auction process and then transfers them out.

Many on the Namepros Go Daddy coupon code thread have expressed their displeasure with not finding many Go Daddy coupon codes that work for renewing their godaddylogodomains. The transfer out is the new renewal. Of course portfolio size plays a big part in that, its easy for me to do as I don’t carry a lot of domains, someone with 1000 domains may find the task daunting.

Now back to Go Daddy auctions, when I asked my friend if he let every name go through, he said absolutely, “if they are going to give me a free look then I am going to take it.”

It does not always work that way as an accurate gauge where you can turn around and sell for anywhere close. Last year Adam Dicker had some 4L.com close at $2,500, I suggested to Adam after he renewed that we put them up with a 7 day auction, reserve price. None of the three names that went for $2,500 expired got over $400, and of course did not sell.

Over the last two weeks Adam had a few go the same way, Layr.com went over $3,000, Gelv.com $3,000, Vamy.com $1,001, oopo.com $2500, and uago.com at over $500. Any of those names Adam is prepared to move for a discount to their closing price right now, so if interested leave a comment or contact him at Adam@dcg.com.

I know I had forgotten about a Go Daddy auction win Wingo.org, a year later it was expired and closed at $120, I transferred to Name.com for $8.25. The name has never even had a lowball offer not that $120 is a lot but I was surprised it got one bid, let alone closed at $120.

I pointed out to my friend don’t get trapped by these real world appraisals on meaningless names, sometimes they get bid up but you don’t know if someone is playing games. If I go back to oopo.com which I think is a very good name, it has gone to expired auction twice in two years, both times over $2,500 but Adam has not received any offers on the domain in that two year span. Expired it has a lot of interest, owned by the registrant, not so much.

Daily Sales Recap 7-15-14 GCA.com sells for $90,000 on Sedo

Daily Sales Recap 7-15-14

The big domain name sale of the day was GCA.com going for $90,000, the name is under Sedo transfer but it should be interesting to see who bought the name.

LocalVibe.com sold for $5,500 on Sedo and DomainsBox.com sold for $3,050 on Flippa.

Sedo Sales

gca.com (90,000 USD)
localvibe.com (5,500 USD)
gradbox.com (1,000 EUR)
farming.org (2,550 GBP)
fitnessguru.at (2,500 EUR)
eureimport.de (1,700 EUR)


orlandofloridahotels.com $521
ipus.com $706
hlms.com $1,015
farmfund.com  $1,310

Flippa Domain Auctions

domainsbox.com $3,050
alchoholics.com $165 typo regged this month

Go Daddy Auctions

33z.com    $5,915
16880.com    $2,850
yyoo.com    $2,011
dreamclosets.com    $1,280
bot.co    $1,225
americanrubber.com    $911
eriecountyohiocofc.com    $821
64b.com    $810
cadwebsitedesign.com    $670
solartraining.com    $504
barterjunkies.net    $429
hometownmarket.com    $415
iecon2011.org    $406
rewy.com    $354
storypic.com    $338
2bebride.com    $320
ah0.com    $311
nationallaw.com    $306
algeria-newspapers.com    $305
khoros.com    $291
theagilitygroup.com    $255
summitpreventionalliance.org    $252
xoops-tips.com    $251
arrowstar.com    $245
davidbrennersite.com    $230
jngs.com    $227
zhdt.com    $227
zoomfx.com    $205
njoythefreedom.com    $196
atlantique-2007-2013.org    $195
carebadges.com    $190
smokeyrobotic.com    $185
spypencamera.com    $181
youboyulecheng.me    $177
netflix-ofertas.info    $160
andrewmarkveety.com    $160
npssinc.com    $160
maritimewired.com    $160
getweblink.com    $156
olevent.com    $155
osumicrobiology.org    $152
ldgn.com    $150
sunflower-girl.com    $145
resortstobago.com    $145
xqgw.com    $128
genderequalityinbusiness.com    $123
gamesrealcheap.com    $110
xawcmwea.net    $110
candleslovers.com    $110
gold4fun.com    $110
lawandordergame.com    $110
notifymecloud.com    $105
thekubeplayer.com    $105
eskyartwork.com    $101
videotiger.com    $98
enamics.com    $95
mahoganyfolk.com    $95
fabricemorvan.com    $90
chaptercommunications.com    $82
pjhq.com    $80
ycpz.com    $80
pet-wellness-update.com    $80
ycpn.com    $75
wizdir.com    $75
transfs.com    $66
thenyliteproject.com    $65
fppq.com    $60
navoh.com    $52
pmou.com    $47
vkkx.com    $37
vkum.com    $37
oakvillemusic.com    $25
vwwk.com    $22
xsuy.com    $22
vqaq.com    $22
pyaq.com    $17
systemitize.com    $12
lxoc.com    $12

Michael Rader of Brand Root calls for the Death of the Exact Match Domain

Michael Rader from Brand Root crafted a very long and thought out post on the Death of the Exact Match Domain. Of course Michael is running a brandable boutique so this may read to some like the Chik-Fil-A commercial with the cows saying,


Michael talks about bland names vs brand names

From the article:

Brand Names over Bland Names

People want to be part of a trusted brand over a keyword heavy domain, which offers nothing more than the product or service provided, often in a bland, automated and straightforward kind of way. Purchasing online lacks the human touch but it doesn’t have to feel that way. The navigation and purchase experience can be warm and friendly, mimicking a personable connection. While there are several components that build a complete brand, the experience generally begins with the business name. A unique brand style name quickly imparts a sense of excitement that a boring, keyword packed domain cannot.

As an illustration, let’s say a visitor searches for the phrase “management consulting” and finds a company called Velg. Here is the brand-empowering process that goes through the visitor’s mind during his/her experience:

Discovery – “Hm, I found something new. A business I’ve never heard of.”
Curiosity – “Ok, what is this though?”
Adventure – “Let me explore a bit.”
Knowledge – “Great! I now know about a cool new business/brand!”
Power – “If this is a product or service I need now, I have conquered my need/want! If this is something I need later, I’ll know the solution!”

Conversely, here is the not so brand-empowering process of coming across a website with a name that matches the visitors searched keyword, ManagementConsulting.com: – See more at: http://www.brandroot.com/resources/item/47-death-of-the-exact-match-domain#sthash.MHMTifiP.dpuf

Conversely, here is the not so brand-empowering process of coming across a website with a name that matches the visitors searched keyword, ManagementConsulting.com

The article is well worth reading in its entirety whether you agree or disagree. Read it here

The fact of the matter is there are plenty of people on both sides of the aisle. Add to that the smart buyer who tries their best to get both, maybe they use the M.U.P. (Made Up Pronounceable) for their company name but use managementconsulting.com for SEO and Adwords campaigns.

Michael ended the article with the following, “The days of exact match domains are over.”

The days of exact match domains are over.

Brand Names over Bland Names

People want to be part of a trusted brand over a keyword heavy domain, which offers nothing more than the product or service provided, often in a bland, automated and straightforward kind of way. Purchasing online lacks the human touch but it doesn’t have to feel that way. The navigation and purchase experience can be warm and friendly, mimicking a personable connection. While there are several components that build a complete brand, the experience generally begins with the business name. A unique brand style name quickly imparts a sense of excitement that a boring, keyword packed domain cannot.

As an illustration, let’s say a visitor searches for the phrase “management consulting” and finds a company called Velg. Here is the brand-empowering process that goes through the visitor’s mind during his/her experience:

- See more at: http://www.brandroot.com/resources/item/47-death-of-the-exact-match-domain#sthash.MHMTifiP.dpuf

Daily Sales Recap 7-14-14 gHealth.com sells for $10,000 on Sedo – Is Google getting into HealthCare ?

Daily Sales Recap 7-14-14

AseanSec.org sold for $24,000 on Go Daddy Auctions, this is most likely a bogus auction as The Association of Southeast Asian Nations is a fully functioning website that is currently up and running. The auction was a public auction.

Jack.tv sold on Sedo for $1,050 the domain was previously sold by a Namepros member back in 2007 on Sedo for $2,850.

gHealth.com sold for $10,000 on Sedo, is Google getting into healthcare ? The domain was regged in 2008. There is a ghealthsolutions.com and a couple cctlds using gHealth.

Sedo Sales

internettutorials.net (4,050 USD)
umbf.com (5,000 USD)
jack.tv (1,050 USD)
dentalinsurance.co (1,800 USD)
socialcon.com (7,000 USD)
denwa.co.uk (5,250 GBP)
ghealth.com (10,000 USD)


SafeCarGuide.com $410
silentladies.com  $511
morefishinthesea.com $676
pensacolabeachhotels.com $880

Flippa Domain Auctions

forextycoon.com $200
web-traffic.com $150

Go Daddy Auctions

aseansec.org    $24,000
allinclusivetravel.com    $1,936
tandemserver.org    $885
upx.net    $820
freefullpcgamesdownload.com    $632
seattlemicrofinance.org    $511
thematology.com    $511
massintransit.com    $405
rmatey.com    $400
webyoda.org    $330
gethyp.net    $326
ufm-water.net    $315
bsebbills.org    $306
chrx.com    $306
thesidecarrestaurant.com    $261
39983.com    $256
nuelany.com    $251
floridashoresbank.com    $245
sketchmyworld.com    $238
resumearchives.com    $234
thelifemaster.com    $205
3-d-models.com    $205
trinidad-times.com    $185
comunidadelsecreto.com    $176
hopm.com    $160
kscvlaw.com    $155
helljumper.com    $151
thinkingapeblues.com    $135
floridahometowndemocracy.com    $135
yan-lun.com    $125
anxietyanswersnow.com    $120
mosalsalate.net    $118
worldseedsupply.net    $115
bipton.com    $115
landscapingmystic.com    $115
azsecurity.org    $110
mastersinpsychologycounseling.com $110
technostuffs.com    $105
4x4rockshop.com    $105
ccgaleriaslosnaranjos.com    $102
fayj.com    $99
hoteltambo.com    $96
allowcard.com    $95
dbnz.com    $95
primeclasses.com    $93
polymouldings.com    $90
diarioamadoras.com    $86
farmersmarketatcls.com    $86
taxicabfortworth.com    $85
californiapaintrecycling.com    $82
ocbor.org    $80
wlhq.com    $80
youboyulecheng.co    $80
hopk.com    $66
ycrf.com    $65
cliniquecouleur.com    $60
tipni.com    $60
vodkacoupons.com    $60
xnrf.com    $57
djboatrentals.com    $50
losthillsbks.com    $47
47518.com    $45
hopv.com    $39
hopj.com    $37
farmvillesafari.com    $35
hopq.com    $32
doigo.com    $15

My First Ever Profitable Domain Transaction

Someone the other day asked me when was the first time I made money with a domain name, when was my first sale ? My first profit from a domain was actually a lease, something I never even thought of doing back in 2003.

Back in 2003 I kept talking about wanting to start a t-shirt line and website, I was watching the movie Friday After Next with a girl I knew, and after Mike Epps said:

I said to her I think that is a great word combo, and she was like what are you talking about ? I said “Booty Beauty” I think it is a catchy name and its a bit fun to say. So then I thought some people might reverse them, I had been out when someone was trying to be funny and using the line, “It ain’t your booty, it’s your beauty” and instead said “It ain’t your beauty, it’s your booty.” So I regged BeautyBooty.com as well.

So in August of 2003 I got a phone call and it was someone from Hearst Corporation, the publisher of Cosmopolitan Magazine. The lady explained that they do a promo every year entitled Cosmo Beauty Booty, they owned the domain cosmobeautybooty.com. The problem was their publisher printed all their magazine ads and other promotional material with the domain beautybooty.com.

She told me they wanted the domain for a month, then quickly asked “This name has not been used for pornography has it ?” I said no the name has been regged for a t-shirt line and she said ok, she then asked me what I wanted for the one month rental ?

I was on another line when she called and did not give it much thought, not as much as I should have, this was Cosmo not some small regional magazine. I said $1,000 and free advertising for Booty Beauty when it launches. She told me if you mean on our website ok, I can’t give you print advertising in our magazine.

I said ok sure, the website is fine. I got an email with the details and forwarded the domain in October, here is a screenshot from archive.org:


I did not start the t-shirt line, so I never got the second part of the deal, foolish on my part. I did get an offer on BootyBeauty.com in 2006 from someone who had the same idea for a t-shirt line. I still own both names today and still thinking about starting a t-shirt line. Nothing like being a procrastinating idiot.

Daily Sales Recap 7-13-14 iSponsor.com closes at $1,525 on Go Daddy Auctions

Daily Sales Recap 7-13-14

iSponsor.com closed at $1,525 on Go Daddy Auctions, I like iKeyword.com and thought this was a pretty good one, I was bidding on refapp.com which closed at $430, I won refme.com last Thanksgiving and then it got renewed. EFW.net went for $455 not a bad buy if you like LLL.net.


nimblefingers.com $1,009
moneything.com $1,009

Flippa Domain Auctions

hm4.com $310
yencasino.com $105

Go Daddy Auctions

isponsor.com    $1,525
dontlaugh.org    $520
method-man.com    $480
efw.net    $455
refapp.com    $430
youverify.com    $405
curtisauto.com    $400
nrhmharyana.org    $338
mother-drucker.com    $325
typocurious.com    $325
integritytech.com    $315
unblockblockedcalls.com    $315
gewonderground.com    $305
buyastock.com    $302
pacific-hycos.org    $255
teensforhire.com    $205
burkina-faso.biz    $200
purdetox.com    $186
codh.com    $156
eventcamptwincities.com    $155
startupaccelerator.org    $150
highglossblue.com    $146
historypresswest.org    $140
choralgroups.com    $130
howardsd.com    $120
tychewebs.com    $116
freenollywoodtv.com    $113
ronbrewerphotography.com    $110
trojanhorseantiques.com    $110
levenrambin.com    $110
imissthe80s.com    $106
my23.com    $105
oexy.com    $100
bodywrapweightloss.net    $99
amgotsik.com    $97
hmzh.com    $80
etsfsoccer.com    $76
atpracticeinsights.com    $70
utnu.com    $60
oxef.com    $55
starpills.com    $55
unlockiphone4os.com    $47
ayjf.com    $45
breastfeedingandweightloss.com    $40
vivianiscatering.com    $38

Daily Sales Recap 7-12-14 2927.com sells for $10,639 and 6 other 4N.coms sell for four figures

Daily Sales Recap 7-12-14

A chunk of 4n.com names sold on 4.cn, prices went from $5,723 to $10,639.

4.CN Domain Auctions 1Chinese Yuan = .1612 USD

6827.com    ¥56,001 RMB $9,026
3763.com    ¥56,000 RMB $9,027
5486.com    ¥35,500 RMB $5,723
5452.com    ¥37,000 RMB $5,964
5434.com    ¥36,500 RMB $5,884
2927.com    ¥66,003 RMB $10,639
5484.com    ¥36,000 RMB $5,803
84482.com    ¥720 RMB    $116
07122.com    ¥660 RMB    $106
twgames.com    ¥5,000 RMB  $806

Flippa Domain Auctions

thin.info $356
youmovers.com $150
lovemovies.org $300
stockinvesting.info $250

Go Daddy Auctions

divazoo.com    $6,801
webcapital.com    $4,850
businessworks.com    $2,800
c3gaming.com    $1,500
payclub.com    $1,280
vegastourism.com    $1,140
kanchipuramsarees.com    $711
saveethnicstudies.org    $596
flirch.com    $557
restoreonline.org    $537
cwsandbox.org    $501
athensselect.com    $501
reflap.com    $440
marcodreamhouse.com    $401
shelbycountytexashistory.org    $370
gallagherspub.com    $360
w2x.com    $357
tutorandmentor.com    $355
imnr.com    $336
mrtrademark.com    $311
bosnianembassy.org    $290
caog.com    $284
masajsalonusitesi.com    $255
worldwebwav.com    $230
rbsp.com    $225
thesmokefilledroomblog.com    $221
plumsplussize.com    $205
balticsolutions.com    $205
sushideli.com    $185
friendsofdewa.org    $175
holistichealinginstitute.org    $175
amazingflirt.net    $174
buffaloscreams.com    $160
shoprover.com    $159
eoutlets.com    $156
mofoyo.com    $156
onlyrealfreestuff.com    $155
vainax.com    $155
silverwoodtownhouses.com    $131
allknow.com    $131
marshalls-jewelers.com    $130
imperfecthome.com    $125
womenspersonalfinance.net    $110
ikkeweer.net    $110
bigpinkguesthouse.com    $110
brentwoodwestwoodsymphony.org    $105
ourdesk.com    $105
monterreyapartments.com    $102
thevacationbug.com    $100
boyadoudizhuba.com    $100
jaynet.com    $95
closingamericasjobgap.com    $95
stovetoprevolution.com    $93
businesslakemo.com    $90
myprivatequarters.com    $90
mltiplyr.com    $90
allamericancraftsmall.com    $90
mexicotourservice.com    $87
britdirectory.com    $85
siwf.com    $81
epetsupplies.info    $80
rsweb.org    $75
scssa.com    $75
universityofcannabis.com    $75
3998888.com    $75
creditcardsandchecks.com    $65
discoverfinearts.com    $55
appletrack.com    $55
sterlinglending.com    $45
299899.com    $45
dealshow.com    $35
808099.com    $35
xtrains.com    $15
woodburyapartments.com    $12
domaintradingplace.com    $10

Daily Sales Recap 7-11-14 UMD.com sells for $20,199 on NameJet

Daily Sales Recap 7-11-14

UMD.com sold for $20,199 on NameJet, there were 8 bidders who bid $10,000 or more. Gramps.com did not meet reserve at $999.

Sedo Sales

iwidgets.com (1,550 USD)
denkwerkstatt.com (1,666 EUR)
jahreswagen24.com (1,785 EUR)
tummyfull.com (2,500 USD)


umd.com $20,199
gramps.com Reserve Not Met, high offer $999
renters-insurance.com $261
hivatis.org $510

Flippa Domain Auctions

cancelled.info $201

Go Daddy Auctions

49mp3.com    $4,494
americancasinothemovie.com    $1,726
realcoin.org    $515
kjol.com    $460
navit.com    $398
qear.com    $365
bklyn-genealogy-info.com    $353
phid.com    $325
janusfriis.net    $310
92369.com    $307
aseoex.com    $275
projectbaobab.org    $256
zpen.com    $255
grbp.com    $230
eventalerts.com    $215
qhad.com    $214
1weddingfavor.com    $205
huntersilvastorm.com    $190
tdlmmp3.com    $182
osbge.org    $165
hham.com    $156
pmlr.org    $155
stlouisaptfinder.com    $155
mdelections.org    $151
papagou.com    $145
wildwoodcrestmotelbeaurivage.com $140
ypee.com    $135
eatinqueens.com    $135
888935.com    $108
xfry.com    $103
qshy.com    $95
mp3isk.com    $93
radiostudiolatino.com    $85
qham.com    $67
pfry.com    $65
seekkong.com    $65
xkot.com    $42