Daily Sales Recap 8-22-14 Sponsored.com sells for $50,200 on Flippa

Daily Sales Recap 8-22-14 Sponsored.com sold for $50,200 on Flippa. Registered since 1998, there were 62 bids with 3 bidders at the $50,000 mark. Now let's see if it gets paid for and charts on DN Journal. Aku.com sold for $41,517 on NameJet. Another 3l.com ETB.com did not meet reserve and the high bid was $18,700. Moneyonline.com sold for $12,800. Pranksters.com closed at $7,100 on Go … [Read more...]

Adam Dicker Gives His Evaluation on Domains Submitted Through DNF College

Adam Dicker put out a 25 minute long video today giving his valuation opinions on domain submitted by other domainers. As Adam continues to keep trying to educate people through DNF College these kinds of videos give some insight into how he thinks about random domain names that people ask his opinion on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lk-ks_rHKG8 … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 8-21-14 eAuto.com sells for $17,088 on NameJet

Daily Sales Recap 8-21-14 eAuto.com sold for $17,088 on NameJet, soccerworld.com went for $9,899. zro.me on Flippa was reported as sold for $3,499 in a private sale, that seems odd for that name. The domain was registered in February. Sedo Sales hokuspokus.com (2,000 USD) digidoc.com (5,000 USD) casinova.com (5,500 USD) NameJet eauto.com $17,088 soccerworld.com … [Read more...]

Russian TV Channel Ren-TV purchases Ren.TV for $10,000

Ren TV Channel out of Moscow operates on the domain Ren-TV.com, they have purchased the domain Ren.TV for $10,000.  The seller was Nick from Voodoo.tv who I have known for many years. Nick actually reached out to them and negotiated a deal, some are hesitant to do such things for fear of the company turning around and filing a UDRP.  Ren-TV.com has been registered since 1999 and Ren.tv was … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 8-20-14 AtlantisBahamas.com sells for $7,500 on Sedo

Daily Sales Recap 8-20-14 AtlantisBahamas.com sold for $7,500 on Sedo, no tim that I could see, it was acquired by the company that took over the Bahamas property. Kerzner International Holdings Ltd., the company that built Atlantis resorts in the Bahamas and Dubai, has handed ownership of its flagship properties to creditor Brookfield Asset Management (BAM:US) and partner Dubai World in a debt … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 8-19-14 888.ca sells for $20,000 on Sedo

Daily Sales Recap 8-19-14 888.ca sold for $20,000 on Sedo, one of the best numerical combos out there. Sedo Sales 888.ca (20,000 USD) bamiao.com (15,000 USD) iwanttobehealthy.com (1,500 USD) acheteruneetoile.fr (3,000 EUR) NameJet dignews.com  $579 opensports.com $620 vegasline.com $2,000 medicalbillingservices.com Reserve Not Met, High Bid $2,400 Flippa Domain … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 8-18-14 EveryOption.com sells for $15,000 on Sedo

Daily Sales Recap 8-18-14 EveryOption.com sold for $15,000 on Sedo regged since 2003. Well every other option was in play on this one. All other extensions available, so when people talk about .com being meaningless or diluted, someone could have went a lot of different routes the .net the .co any new gtld you like. These are the types of sales that demonstrate the lead .com maintains, when … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 8-17-14 Dubai.info closes at $7,100 on Go Daddy Auctions

Daily Sales Recap 8-17-14 A lot of .info names today on Go Daddy Auctions, Dubai.info closed at $7,100 and Brasilia.info closed at $570. Flippa got into the .info act with Deliver.info selling for $350. Retweeted.me closed at $150, retweeted.net closed at $12. Flippa Domain Auctions lawyer.center $121 dook.org $101 deliver.info $350 Go Daddy Auctions dubai.info   … [Read more...]

Country Code Sales Up for the week on the strength of two Chat related names

Country Code sales for the week: Mon. Aug 4, 2014 – Sun. Aug 10, 2014 Chat domains dominated this week as Chat.fr and Chat.de accounted for over half the total sales volume. Social-Media.de also sold for five figures. There were 57 sales this week that totaled  $345,118 vs  $248,056 last week The top three extensions were 13.de, 5.co.uk and 4.in Chat.fr     $133,999 Chat.de    … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 8-16-14 3548.com sells for $7647

Daily Sales Recap 8-16-14 InvestmentBrokers.com closed at $3,561 on Go Daddy Auctions and GoCanada.org at $1,925. In numerical domain names 3548.com sold for $7647 on 4.CN, 1224.net sold for $667. 0071.net closed at $258 on Go Daddy Auctions. 4.CN Domain Auctions 1Chinese Yuan = .1627 USD gdwy.com    ¥2,400 RMB 988.biz            ¥640 RMB 76749.com    ¥320 RMB 865888.com    ¥7,400 … [Read more...]