Daily Sales Recap 9-7-14 GameFan.com sells for $9,099 on NameJet

Daily Sales Recap 9-7-14 GameFan.com sold for $9,099 on NameJet, really nice name that can be used in a few different niches, I really like this name. Backbreaker.com was a good buy imo at $510, I think the name has a few different ways it can be utilized as a brand name. MySounds.com closed at $3,101 on Go Daddy Auctions and modeltoys.com closed at $2,855 with toymodels.com at … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 9-6-14 Eric Borgos Sells VisitRome.com for $16,000 on Flippa

Daily Sales Recap 9-6-14 A couple $10,ooo plus closes on Go Daddy Auctions as Ganna.com closed at $10,000 even and MZH.com closed at $10,750. Nails.org closed at $3,059. Kuaifa.com sold for $10,061 on 4.CN, Kuaifa8.com is developed and there were some first names of people on Google using Kuaifa. Eric Borgos sold VisitRome.com for $16,000 as someone stepped up and paid the buy it now. … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 9-5-14 QBG.com sells for $12,000 on Sedo

Daily Sales Recap 9-5-14 Just like yesterday Sedo is back with another LLL.com sale at $12,000, this time it is QBG.com, registered since 1997. Campings.co.uk sold for 5,000 GBP (8,164). LawMedia.com sold for $1,700 on NameJet, in total there were 3 bidders over $1,000. One of my favorite niches so I always like to see ***Media.com names going for four figures. OrlandoTravel.com sold for … [Read more...]

Should Employees Be Allowed To Bid at Auction Sites ?

There was a mini brouhaha that had broken out on Namepros in the Flippa strategies thread. There was a reference to an old interview I had done here with the CEO of Flippa David Slutzkin. In that interview I asked him: 6) Does Flippa allow employees to bid on auctions ? “We do allow our staff to bid on auctions as long as the bidders are clear about this with sellers, however we’re … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 9-4-14 KCN.com sells for $12,000 on Sedo

Daily Sales Recap 9-4-14 KCN.com sold for $12,000 on Sedo, this one is an oldie, 20 year old domain. ScubaTank.com sold for $2,645 on Flippa, congrats to Josh Sexton, I really like the logos he does for his listings always stand out for me. He added Scuba.me to this listing and I think that's a nice name by itself. TimeShare.info which was one of my picks this on Thursday, closed at $685, … [Read more...]

Daily Domain Picks 9-4-14

Go Daddy is slim pickings today imo, I do have a working .99 com coupon for you that worked at 7:30 am Eastern time, sas1com I had gone on a streak of like 10 auctions in a row that got renewed at Go Daddy Auctions, starting a streak now of actually getting the name. The latest pick up was Spend.Co. I only own one other .co but I liked this one and think it is at least decent, short and can go … [Read more...]

The Domain Name Behind Amazon’s $970 million purchase Was Available For $55

The wires were abuzz last week with the news that Amazon said it would pay $970 million for Twitch.tv. There is another story related to Twitch.tv that is just hitting the wires now, namely, the wire which you are now reading. Twitch was listed for sale, on the domain name newsletter DomainStore.tv, in May 2011, for the unbelievable price of $55 USD! Talk about a nifty ROI! Of course the sale was … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 9-3-14 Wunderbar Dot De does it again with Apps.de selling for $65,739 on Sedo

Daily Sales Recap 9-3-14 Another big day for Dot De, after Musik.de selling yesterday for 99,999 Euros we have another big sale. Apps.de sold for 49,999 Euros ($65,739) on Sedo. CrazyDeals.com sold for $10,000 on Sedo. TalkingBooks.com sold for $10,401 on NameJet Drastic.com closed at $11,761 on Go Daddy Auctions, and Puppydog.com closed at $4,050. At the low end of the action I think … [Read more...]

Daily Domain Picks 9-3-14

The holidays are not that far away and there are a few domains on Go Daddy Auctions with some age and may be good for development with some affiliate programs and curated content. If you ever wanted to Tweet Storm the .com is on NameJet, Marc Andreesen was written up in Business Week as the master of the Tweet Storm. Go Daddy Auctions ChristmasDecorators.com - 13 year old domain, good … [Read more...]

BrandBucket Partners with Libyan Spider to Offer Premium Brandable .ly Domain Names

Brand Bucket has been a marketplace that has been .com only, the brandable boutique has never listed any other extensions on their website before. They have done a deal with the company behind Register.ly and are releasing about 230 premium .ly names into the BrandBucket marketplace — some valued as high as $120k. Again these names are the first names on the site that are not .com. Here is the … [Read more...]