Bottoms Rupp Happy Hour Offering .99 .Com/.net today between 3-5 p.m. MDT runs a Happy Hour hosted by John Rupp every Thursday, this week John is giving away .99 .com/net domains. .COM/.NET Domains will be $0.99 (that’s 99 cents) for two hours only during our Bottoms Rupp Happy Hour, Thursday from 3–5 p.m. MDT. We know you’ve been hurt before. Some companies say $0.99 domains and then hit you with fees and shenanigans. These domains will truly be $0.99. BUT … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 3-25-15 closes at $3,550 on Flippa

Daily Sales Recap 3-25-15 powered by NAMEBIO sold for $3,188 on NameJet, the keyword combo is taken in a lot of extensions, including cctlds. This was registered in 2004. for $367 looks to me to be an excellent buy. closed at $3,550 on Flippa, this one was talked about on Namepros in what has become a very heated thread. From talk of shill … [Read more...]

Market Recap 3-25-15 Stocks Down Across The Board – off close to 3%

Market Recap 3-25-15 The market was down across the board with the Nasdaq off 2.3% on the day. From the IB Times U.S. stocks traded sharply lower Wednesday, with the blue-chip Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbling more than 200 points, as U.S. businesses spent less on investment for a sixth straight month in February, causing concerns for investors as a strengthening dollar will continue to … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 3-24-15 sells for $11,998 on Sedo

Daily Sales Recap 3-24-15 powered by NAMEBIO sold for $11,998 on Sedo to lead the day, regged since 2002, a female first name and also a restaurant in New York. Whois still showing Sedo transfer. sold for $7,456 following up a couple nice .co sales on Monday. NameJet had a couple domain names sell for over $2,000. sold for $2,600 and sold for … [Read more...]

Market Recap 3-24-15 Verisign Makes Another New High – Google up 2%

Market Recap 3-24-15 Verisign (VRSN) hit another new high at $66.81 before closing at $66.29 up .30 on the day. Rightside (NAME) was up 2.46% on the day trading over 78,000 shares. Google (GOOG) had a strong move today up over 2% to close at $570.19. Minds + Machines Group... MMX 8.00 -0.25 (-3.03%) Marchex, Inc. MCHX 4.62 +0.11 … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 3-23-15 sells for $15,011 on Sedo

Daily Sales Recap 3-23-15 powered by NAMEBIO Some nice sales on Sedo today, sold for $15,011 and sold for $13,218. went for $10,376, the domain was registered in 2010 and was owned by a Hong Kong company. sold for $1,400 on NameJet, I like that one. was another one I liked at $355. Sedo - 15,011 USD - 13,218 … [Read more...]

Can Taylor Swift Really Be Protected ?

It is absolutely amazing the amount of coverage that Taylor Swift has received on registering and There has been coverage from Jezebel who used the headline Aspiring Porn Star Taylor Swift Buys Domain. TMZ: Taylor Swift Beats Porn Site to the Punch | Mashable: Taylor Swift one-ups haters by buying .porn and .adult and hundreds … [Read more...]

Market Recap 3-23-15 Verisign Hits Another New High – Endurance Intl down another 2%

Market Recap 3-23-15 The market was up for most of the day but tailed off at the end, the Dow finished off 11 points and Nasdaq was off a third of a percent. Verisign (VRSN) had a strong day up close to 2%, the stock hit a new high of $66.06 before closing at $65.97. Rightside (NAME) was up .15 on light volume of just over 32,000 shares traded. Endurance Intl. (EiGi) was down 2% at … [Read more...]

Most Expensive Keywords on Bing

WordStream put together a look at the most expensive keywords on Bing. They did this years ago for Adwords and I imagine the results would be similar today. No surprise the list is led by legal related names. Now, keyword prices are going to vary a lot by position; the figures you'll see below reflect the cost you could expect to pay per click in the top position. We grouped those 10 million … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 3-22-15 closes at $3,115 on Go Daddy Auctions

Daily Sales Recap 3-22-15 powered by NAMEBIO A quiet Sunday nothing too exciting today. closed at $3,115 and that was the high number on the day. Candle Jars has 2900 exact searches according to Google Keyword Planner. There are a decent number of advertisers. closed at $2,026, you got Forex and Texas with that one. on Flippa at $199 looked like a decent … [Read more...]