Owner Receives 40,000 Uniques A Day Thanks to

New York Times covers .tv with the recent sale. Noam Cohen wrote a piece about .tv and he emailed me for some comments on the story which unfortunately went to my spam folder and I did not see until after his deadline, never the less it is a good piece that Noam wrote on the .tv extension. Noam talked about the purchase by Amazon for over $1billion, he touched on the … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 8-26-14 sells for $15,790 on Sedo

Daily Sales Recap 8-26-14 Flippa had what will be one of the bigger aftermarket sales for a new gtld. We will see if the sale closes and is reported to Ron Jackson at DN Journal, Flipp now reports .com sales over $2,000 and non .com sales over $1,000. was the big sale today at Sedo, the domain sold for 12,000 Euros 0r $15,790. This looks to mean year old car in German, I am … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 8-25-14 registered less than a year ago, sells for $18,000 on Sedo

Daily Sales Recap 8-25-14 sold for $18,000 on Sedo. Not too bad for a domain registered last year. The whois is private. closed at $8,200 on Go Daddy Auctions, this was a 1 bid public auction, not expired. sold for $2,700 on NameJet. Sedo Sales (3,500 USD) (18,000 USD) NameJet $2,700 $1,121 … [Read more...] sales for 2013 and 2014

I have compiled a list of every that has been reported over the last two years. These were all the names that were reported to DN Journal and published there. There were some interesting tidbits from the data collected, as I went back through each week by hand and looked at all the sales. was the lowest reported sale, it was sold for $2,500 in March of 2014. … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 8-24-14 sells for $7,888 on NameJet

Daily Sales Recap 8-24-14 There were a lot more expiring .co domains today on Go Daddy Auctions, closed at $1,654. is a very large Arts and Crafts chain so if the buyer parks this they need to make sure no arts and crafts ads, I honestly think parking it would be a mistake there is no reason to take the chance. closed at $1,000 and the one I liked … [Read more...]

With 2 Million New gTLD registrations – What Have We Learned So Far ?

So we have passed 2 million new gtld registrations, what have we learned so far ? 1)It is better to be a guru (69,069 regs) than it is to be an expert (20,211 regs) or a ninja (14,501) 2) All that talk about shorter is better is hogwash, Photography has (43,603 regs) vs Photos (14,161 regs) vs Photo (9,282 regs) vs Pics (4,873 regs) 3) It is better to be Sexy (15,187 regs) than it is to … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 8-23-14 closes at $8,200 on Go Daddy Auctions

Daily Sales Recap 8-23-14 A lot of .co domains expired on Go Daddy Auctions today, closed at $1,525 - $1,009 and closed at $707. There were several 3 letter .co that closed with just one $10 bid, while some went for low three figures. sold on Flippa for $115 a reg fee flip as it was registered last month. sold for … [Read more...]

Adam Dicker Part 2 – Another 175 Domains Evaluated

Adam Dicker is back with another video, the DNF College founder is giving his opinions on your domain names. Adam told me he received tremendous feedback on his video yesterday. Several people emailed him to see  if he could evaluate their domain names as well. So Adam decided to do another video that is actually twice as long as the first one. 175 domains, 45 … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 8-22-14 sells for $50,200 on Flippa

Daily Sales Recap 8-22-14 sold for $50,200 on Flippa. Registered since 1998, there were 62 bids with 3 bidders at the $50,000 mark. Now let's see if it gets paid for and charts on DN Journal. sold for $41,517 on NameJet. Another did not meet reserve and the high bid was $18,700. sold for $12,800. closed at $7,100 on Go … [Read more...]

Adam Dicker Gives His Evaluation on Domains Submitted Through DNF College

Adam Dicker put out a 25 minute long video today giving his valuation opinions on domain submitted by other domainers. As Adam continues to keep trying to educate people through DNF College these kinds of videos give some insight into how he thinks about random domain names that people ask his opinion on. … [Read more...]