Daily Sales Recap 6-28-15 oomi.com closes at $130,650 on DropCatch – Purchased for $2,100 in 09

Daily Sales Recap 6-28-15 Puka.com closed at $8,977 on NameJet as 3 four letter .coms were in the top five today. Adgc.com closed at $1,618 and pvdc.com closed at $760. oomi.com closed at $130,650, there was a post on Namepros that the name sold on Sedo for $2,100 back in 2009. A few 6n.com closed today over $500, 654999.com closed at $510 and 333789.com closed at … [Read more...]

Go Daddy Auction Picks 6-28-15

Go Daddy Auction Picks 6-28-15 Powered by ExpiredDomains.com A couple 4N.nets on the list today, 2268 being the better of the two. HKHD.com is a public auction, no reserve so it will sell. Hong Kong High Definition ?  Over $300 currently. Full … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 6-27-15 125.com Sets New Record at 4.CN – $292,136

Daily Sales Recap 6-27-15 The big news of the day was on 4.cn, 125.com became the top reported sale on 4.CN at $292,136. There were 321 bids for the domain name registered back in 1997. The domain was actually dropped twice before 1997. One-Economy.com closed at $9,300 on Go Daddy Auctions with 84 bids, not sure why this one went so high. In the numerical domains these LLnnnn continue to … [Read more...]

The Online Buyer’s Journey

There was a good article posted on Business2Community.com that gave an illustrated look at a typical buying experience for an online buyer. For those building websites and doing more than just parking domain names it is worth a read and bookmark. A couple takeaways, 81% of shoppers conduct online research before buying, with 60% of consumers starting their research with a search … [Read more...]

Go Daddy Auction Picks 6-27-15

Go Daddy Auction Picks 6-27-15 Powered by ExpiredDomains.com I like FasterHosting.com, we always want our sites loading faster. IveBeenHere.com while not possessing any great resale value is a nice name for a blog to document where you have been in the world. Full … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 6-26-15 DreamCasino.com sells for $15,746 on Sedo

Daily Sales Recap 6-26-15 Media Options had two nice names close today, Cords.com closed at $13,050 and StingRays.com closed at $8,100. DreamCasino.com sold for 10,000 GBP or $15,746. The domain was once owned by Boss Casino out of Sweden, then a registrant from Korea owned the name and looks to be the seller. Dream.Casino was regged on 6/4. Sedo dreamcasino.com 10,000 … [Read more...]

You May Want To Consider Choosing Namepros For Your 4L.com Auctions

When it comes to 4L.com auctions, especially for those that are not super premium like an actual word or cvcv.com, Namepros may be a worthwhile alternative to Flippa. When selling on Namepros you have no listing fee, commission or promotional expenses. Namepros has also built in its own auction promotional tool for free. The negatives would be no reserves, you may not want to put certain … [Read more...]

Go Daddy Auction Picks 6-26-15

Go Daddy Auction Picks 6-26-15 Powered by ExpiredDomains.com Perk.org is a 17 year old domain that expired, this one might do ok, currently at $80. DrupalDeveloper.com is over $100 so far and this is a nice name for one developer to own, it is a nice brand imo. TrueAds.com while not having any liquid value, could make a nice brand name for a new player in the online advertising space, … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 6-25-15 AFJ.com closes at $27,200 on NameJet

Daily Sales Recap 6-25-15 A lot of action in numeric domains today, quite a few closes on NameJet and 393888.com closed at $2,025 on Go Daddy. 6n.com have started to pick up in price when the pattern is repetitive or ending in triple 9,8, or 6. One has to be careful to not be regging random names out there, I have seen a bunch of people regging 100 - 200 at a time with no pattern, that is a … [Read more...]

Go Daddy Auction Picks 6-25-15

Go Daddy Auction Picks 6-25-15 Powered by ExpiredDomains.com GoodSeo.com seems like a decent play, a lot of SEO firms out there. BusinessStrength.com seems like a good campaign name or hashtag play in social media. I could see a business wanting it for certain marketing initiatives. 69769.com should do well today, already over $600. FeQe.com is a CVCV at public auction, reserve not met … [Read more...]