Daily Sales Recap 11-17-14 App.NL sells for 18,500 Euros on Sedo

Daily Sales Recap 11-17-14 App.nl sold for 18,500 Euros on Sedo, there is already a website up. Enetwork.com sold for $15,500 on NameJet, regged since 1997. Sedo Sales gaoe.com 2,000 USD sexykini.com 9,000 USD nepos.com 1,400 USD letizia.de 2,380 EUR app.nl 18,500 EUR bachelorarbeit.de 3,500 EUR qaonline.com 1,500 GBP einstiegsgehalt.de 1,900 EUR NameJet pause.net … [Read more...]

Market Recap 11-17-14 Rightside drops 5.86% – Tucows keeps heading higher

Market Recap 11-17-14 Tucows continues its upward swing and hit a new 52 week high of $16.95, the company reported good earnings last week and announce a Dutch Auction. Rightside was down 5.86% on the day to $9.47, the stock traded as low as $9.27. The 52 week high on the stock is $17. United Internet the parent company of Sedo and 1&1 continued higher closing at $34.29 up 1.60 … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 11-16-14 Mune.com sells for $3,200 on NameJet

Daily Sales Recap 11-16-14 As usual it was a rather quiet Sunday, NameJet saw Mune.com sell for $3,200, regged since 1998 this domain expired, looks like it used to point to the homepage of a Chinese registrant. MrWin.com did not meet reserve on NameJet, it had a high bid of $1,500. NameJet mune.com $3,200 vitaledge.com $2,600 sonneries.com Reserve Not Met, High bid $900 mrwin.com … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 11-15-14 GameDrone.com closes at $1,775 on Go Daddy Auctions

Daily Sales Recap 11-15-14 GameDrone.com closed at $1,775 on Go Daddy Auctions, Drone continues to be a popular keyword and this name was regged 5 years ago. I was in the mix on Poker101.com the name closed lower than I thought it would at $575, I had put a proxy bid in at $150 when the name was at like $80, I went out and missed the close I think I would have went higher on this one, of course … [Read more...]

Before Mark Cuban Was Interested in Ocho A Domain Investor Was

There is a new app that has been getting a lot of press this past week, it is a social video sharing app along the lines of Vine. The name of the app is Ocho which has caught the attention of entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Like Vine, Ocho also operates on a .Co. Now I remember when .co came out ocho was one of the names I was interested in registering, I owned ocho.biz (yes … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 11-14-14 Claude Dauman Sells Kim.tv for $6,999

Daily Sales Recap 11-14-14 Claude Dauman and his company Domains90210.com continue to keep knocking the .tv sales out of the park. Claude sold Kim.tv for $6,999 on Go Daddy, it was a fixed price sale. One would think with Claude who is out there in Beverly Hills and who has been on tv before on E Entertainment Television, would have sold Kim.tv to Kim Kardashian, but the sale is actually to the … [Read more...]

Market Recap 11-14-14 Tucows Hits New 52-Week High

Market Recap 11-14-14 Web.com continues to bounce back off the lows it made last week. On November 6, after reporting earnings the stock hit a 52 - week low of $14.71, since then the stock has come back almost 2 points or almost 13%. Tucows continued its upward climb hitting a new 52 week high of $16.84 before falling back to close at $16.57. Minds + Machines  down … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 11-13-14 RCDrones.com closes at $9,000 on Flippa

Daily Sales Recap 11-13-14 Homeporn.com was the top sale at Sedo today, the domain sold for $8,000, site looks to be a white label cam site. RcDrones.com closed at $9,000 on Flippa, just one bidder. Sedo Sales homeporn.com 8,000 USD marnis.com 1,300 EUR bitcoinpros.com 1,500 USD grele.eu 2,500 EUR lasmalcriadas.com 5,000 USD 3d-scan.com 2,800 USD NameJet bphs.com … [Read more...]

Market Recap 11-13-14 Tucows up close to 5 % – Marchex drops 5 %

Market Recap 11-13-14 Tucows was up 4.67 % on the heels of a good earnings report and a Dutch Auction announcement last night. Web.com was up 1.75% Street Newswire reported,  the stock had its “buy” rating reaffirmed by analysts at Citigroup Inc. in a research report issued to clients and investors on Friday. They currently have a $25.00 price objective on the stock, down from their previous … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 11-12-14 Flippa Puts Up Some Nice Numbers Led by QXN.com at $12,101

Daily Sales Recap 11-12-14 Flippa stole the show today putting up some nice numbers. QXN.com closed at $12,101, Suck.net closed at $9,250 and Uberapps.com closed at $2,500. NameJet saw Medicorp.com close at $4,305. Quiet day at Go Daddy Auctions. Sedo Sales cloudcurrent.com 2,000 USD artis.net 1,500 USD expoline.com 8,800 USD NameJet losy.com    $735 ypal.com    … [Read more...]