Available Domains 12-17-14 Bannen’s new list including DiningAbroad.com

Available Domains 12-17-14 Bannen who has come back from retirement on Namepros out with a new available domains list SlimFilter/s.com MobileDentalCenter.com - .net taken. This is a pretty good name. Arejian.com - personal name. AmDriven.com - car blog. SmileAdventures.com - sing taken. Dentist? BigSmileAdventures taken and developed... dunno about … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 12-16-14 LandAuctions.com sells for $15,300 on NameJet

Daily Sales Recap 12-16-14 SnowFlakeDB.info sold for $4,000 you may remember that the .net and .com sold last week. It is pretty interesting that the .info got the same price as the .net $4,000 and the .com went for $6,000. Some nice sales on NameJet today, LandAuctions.com sold for $15,300 and ChildHealth.com $14,999. I liked energyfunds.com at $2,101. Sedo Sales snowflakedb.info … [Read more...]

Market Recap 12-16-14 Google hits a new 52 Week Low and Rightside down 8.85%

Market Recap 12-16-14 Google (GOOG) Hit a 52 week low today trading at $489, the stock closed at $495.39 down 3.58% on the day. J.P. Morgan lowered their target price on the search giant to $600. Seeking Alpha highlighted: Among other things, Anmuth cites "the transition from desktop to mobile search, continued margin compression, and increasing competition from Facebook." The indirect … [Read more...]

Worldwide Media Sells Sc.tv for $40,000

Michael Berkens and his Worldwide Media Inc, just sold SC.tv for $40,000, the domain was sold previously by Jim Holleran to a registrant in China back in 2010 on Sedo, the sale price was $1,052. In December of 2010 it looks like a new registrant from the Netherlands became owner and then .tv investor James Black had ownership a couple months later. In May of 2011 Worldwide Media took ownership … [Read more...]

Panel At Namescon to Discuss Doing Domain Business in China sponsored by TLD Registry

TLD Registry (DotChinese Online and Dot Chinese Website) continues to unveil more of their plans for NamesCon. For those truly interested in the Chinese market from a new gtld standpoint this does look like they are putting in the effort to truly educate potential registrants. The new gtlds from a domain investor/trader standpoint certainly hold a higher degree of risk than established extensions … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 12-15-14 WoodWorksAndCrafts.com closes at $2,700 on Go Daddy Auctions

Daily Sales Recap 12-15-14 ScienceAcademy.com and ShadyOaks.com both sold for $1,009 on NameJet today. Flippa saw a new gtld close at $300, Payment.zone. PaymentZone.com is owned by a company that still has not changed the nameservers from BuyDomains. Sedo Sales majesticball.com 1,200 USD 長谷川.com 1,999 USD NameJet wednesdaynight.com $500 ibelieveit.com $599 losecontrol.com … [Read more...]

Market Recap 12-15-14 Rightside hits a new low at $7.57 – Web.com up 1.36%

Market Recap 12-15-14 Rightside (NAME) Hit a new low on the open at $7.57 and then bounced back throughout the day to finish down .07 at $7.91. Web.com (WWWW) ran counter to the overall market and finished up 1.36 % on the day and closed at $17.89. Minds + Machines  down 3.45% MMX London  Close 7.00p Marchex  down 1.99% MCHX Nasdaq  Close $3.94 Google  down … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 12-14-14 Gustazo.com closes at $4,650 on Go Daddy Auctions

Daily Sales Recap 12-14-14 Gustazo.com closed at $4,650 on Go Daddy Auctions, regged since 2009, the site was owned by Social Media Inc. They also own Gustazos.com which was registered in 2010. Gustazos.com is a travel deals website. WhatIsForex.com closed at $2,275, Forex still pays out well on ppc, I like this name and with the right development the site can be a moneymaker … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 12-13-14 XGR.com sells for $9,734

Daily Sales Recap 12-13-14 XGR.com sold for $9,734 on 4.Cn, regged since 1999. The .biz is available for anyone interested, recently dropped by Future Media Architects. TheOzarks.com closed at $2,921 on Go Daddy Auctions, I actually saw Go Daddy tweeting about this one a couple days ago so it got a little extra exposure. 4.CN Domain Auctions 1Chinese Yuan = .1617 USD zwwo.com    ¥980   … [Read more...]

Daily Sales Recap 12-12-14 TheTravelCompany.com sells for 5,000 GBP on Sedo

Daily Sales Recap 12-12-14 TheTravelCompany.com sold for 5,000 GBP on Sedo, currently parked. Pirc.info closed at $2,100 on Go Daddy Auctions. Sedo Sales emag.tv 2,750 USD thetravelcompany.com 5,000 GBP leuchtkästen.de 2,500 EUR email.bayern 1,100 EUR young-travel.de 1,500 EUR rec.de 2,050 EUR NameJet orthopedicsurgery.com Reserve Not Met,High bid $3,900 8183.net … [Read more...]