An Interesting Lead Generation Tactic

An Interesting Lead Generation Tactic

In the technology age we are currently living in, v-cards and other electronic means of sharing contact information seem to be more popular that old fashioned printed business cards. However, if you are actively selling domain names you own or running any another type of business, you need to be prepared to make an impression and easily pass along your contact information when necessary.

Someday, when you least expect it, you may meet someone who may benefit from a name you own or from the service/product you provide, whether you are attending an industry trade show, chamber of commerce event or while vacationing. An easy and affordable way to secure this potential sale or future client is to pass along a business card for your business. Business cards lend credibility and put your contact information into a prospective buyer’s pocket.

Business cards are not new and have always been a key marketing tool in the business development arsenal. However, this month I experienced a domain name sale using a business card in a way that was a real long shot, I wasn’t sure this technique would work, but it did, so I thought I would share it.

My day job has taken me to the skies very often lately, flying here, there and everywhere. One day  several months back, I was reading a typical magazine associated with the airline I was flying, when I was done reading, I decided to place one of my domaining business cards securely into the magazine, knowing that a future flier occupying my seat later that day or later that week, would stumble upon my card.  While I had no idea if that individual would ignore the card or pocket the card out of curiosity, I figured I had nothing to lose by leaving it there.

Since that time, I have been making it a habit when I fly to place my business card in these airplane seat pocket magazines. At the end of the day it cost pennies and if people are like me, there is a good shot they will visit a URL if it sparks their curiosity and they pocket the card.

The interesting thing about business cards is that many people keep them, even if they don’t read them for some time after they receive them. The computer savvy folks scan the cards so they can have the information electronically at their fingertips. Either way, if a potential buyer/client is keeping your contact information, it is a good thing.

Well, I couldn’t believe my ears when I asked a potential buyer who reached out to me for one of my domain names as to how he discovered me ? He responded that he had actually found my card on an airplane. I was tickled pink by the wild coincidence of someone finding my card, actually visiting my site and finding a domain name that I had, which they actually had a need for and wanted. In this particular case, the buyer indicated that he had a future plan to write a book by the title of the domain name I had owned. It happens to be the second domain name I sold to someone who told me they were writing a book, which is another crazy coincidence in my opinion, and perhaps the subject of a future post.

At the end of the day, it’s all about working your business. There are so many outlets to get the word out about your business that it can be a bit overwhelming. Just remember that each of the small things you do will pay off over time, so long as your are consistently at it. Make a plan, set the time aside and execute.  

For those that are already executing the plan, what was your most interesting sales lead generation tactic. We’d love to hear about it!

Vincent L. Jacques is the owner of Vins Domains, you can also follow him on Twitter.


  1. says

    Nice. Never thought about that. I wonder if it would work in any place with magazines like Doctor’s offices. I even wonder if you can approach airlines and ask them to do it and you can pay them. Maybe even offer to provide them the cups you get when they pass out beverages and put your brand on the cups!

  2. says

    This is not so crazy.
    Many years ago, I was in the discount airline ticket business prior to 2001 when the internet took over.
    Our slogan was “Get Out Of Town”.
    I used to go through the toll-plazas in Orlando and pay for the person’s toll behind me and leave my card with the attendant to give to the next driver.
    It always paid off.
    I got so much business from that simple little tactic.
    What dos your card look like? It would be great to see it.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Scott Bender Orlando, Florida

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