On.co expiring and on auction, Guess the closing price and win a free domain

By: RH

The domain ON.co is on auction at Go Daddy and its an expired auction. The name already has over 90 bids and over $3000.

The auction closes 3/30/12 at 3:41 pm Eastern time.

Pick the closing price and the person closest will win a free .com or .co registration of their choice at Name.com.

You have up to one day before the close of the auction so that will be 3/29/12 3:41 pm Eastern time.


The auction must close for there to be a winner.

The price when it closes will be the price that's used to determine the winner, if the auction gets adjusted later that will not count.

One pick per person.

The pick must be made in the comment section.

You must have an account at Name.com for the domain of your choice to be pushed into your Name.com account.

Only one price per person, two people cannot pick $5,000 for example, if $5000 is taken go $4999 etc…


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