New Tlds can be successful without unseating the King

CircleID published an article where it talked about a new TLD can compete with .com if its quality. posted about it and you get the normal .com is king comment and a few posting not knowing what they are owning. .CO is a cctld you can call it a gTld but its not.  If you are going to get that delusional over an extension, why not insist you are King  of some land no one has heard about or something else that would have a greater benefit to your life ? But I digress.

The logic they used with regard to consumer electronics makes sense. So they are right in that capacity. Apple was just better it gave the consumer a better product. It got high marks and many professional and consumer reviews as being of high quality. It changed the experience for the user.

A string of letters is a string of letters. There are quality sites built on just about every extension. Users look at the site, the creativity of the designer, the product being sold etc….  They do not think "Oh that was on a .xyz that's why it was good"

They associate Apple with a superior product, they associate the website experience with the look and feel of the site not the extension.  .Com has the embedded effect of being the dominant extension. 

Of course there will be success for some of the new tlds. It does not have to reach .com success or user adoption.

Success for a new extension can come in the form of selling the top keywords at auction, this will bring in much more money than if they were all first come, first served at the normal registration fee.  You will see all the 1 and 2 letter domains that seem to sell for high figures even in an extension like .biz. They may not have got .com prices but still good money for a .biz.  .Asia looks to be the newest extension looking to sell 1 and 2 character domains.

So if you got the right extension you can do well just off the top 300 to 500 keywords and your 1 and 2 character names.  Who knows some may even ask more for LLL.extension.

While .com is king, there will be plenty that cannot afford the royal price. So they will seek out other options.  Start ups have launched using a .me over the last few years. Is it in the .com numbers ? NO, but that's all right.

.XXX got Frank Schilling to pay seven figures for names and the extension was not even approved yet. That is some level of success that shows the potential for the right new extensions.

Michael Berkens owns over 75,000 domains, mostly .com. There has to be some opportunity he see in starting Right Of The Dot. 

I don't believe any extension will come close to matching .com in registration numbers or in popularity.  Again, that's all right. There will be opportunity and that's what you need to look out for.  How can you as a domainer profit from the new tlds ? How can you as a business benefit from the new tlds ? How will you as a geographic location benefit from the new tlds ? There will be success and a lot of failure.  Some will look at all extensions as the same opportunity, and spread themselves too thin. 

The discussion about .com will always be king does not matter. What matters is understanding how these new tlds will affect your business.



  1. Henri says

    There are many levels of success. I sold a .com I paid $10 for last week for $300 yesterday. For me that is success.

  2. Get a .com says

    Berkens writes good stuff but his comments make the site look low class. Rick was right in moderating comments, Berkens blog is a circus. But most of those idiots just posting to get a link for their domain. No value add

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